Insular campaign lacks a big vision

Nick Bryant | 02:16 UK time, Friday, 20 August 2010

Comments at BBC:

  • 54. At 02:16am on 21 Aug 2010, Ture Sjolander wrote:

    "I'm Australia and not only Australian citizen" I said since I change the law in Australia 1993 proposing the new citizen pledge/oath "Towards the Australian people". (Nothing else than the people constitute a nation)

    Our admired Anton at SBS Television News reminded Tony Abbott yesterday that 45 % of the Australian's are born overseas, although very few "Australian inbred" watch S B S.

    Now at the very day of the Australian Election I have decided to renounce my Australian citizen ship, and the application fee is $ 280.00. I shall join the other over one million Australian's who never wanted to be Australian citizens during their lifetime. As I have dual citizen ships I will not be stateless like Nietzsche.

    Being still a Swedish citizen I'm a full member of E.U. and also a full member (still) of the British Commonwealth. However, it seems like one do not have a voice in this latter obsolete Westminster system being of Royal Swedish origin.

    This current 2010 Australian Election is the utmost ugly election I have ever experienced in my long lifetime. Do this election reflect or mirror the Real Australian's or is it still showing us how this nation is run by a minority gangland of thugs?

    I'm sorry guys but I can't cast my vote today for neither of this 3 main political Australian parties who is dancing like tiny lapdogs to the tunes of the corrupted Australian News Media!

    Today is a black day for this inflatable nation of
    Australia, Right Place, Wrong People.
    This blog space is not big enough to express my deep concern about the future of Australia. My renounced citizen ship may be vacant and can be used or recycled for some new serfs or asylum seekers.

    "Speak English or die" "Get your self a English name or I'll kill you"
    "You are not born in our country, so go to hell" all of this is a common attitude of insular mentality among Australia's "inbred".
    Or could it be the result of a Democratic Fascistic Monarchy?

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