Ture Sjolander 

Submission: Townsville/Thuringowa Amalgamation

ture sjolander <turesjolander@hotmail.com> Fri, May 18, 2007 at 2:10 PM

Att: Local Government Reform Commision

Re; Amalgamation Townsville - Thuringowa.

The Mayor of Townsville is urging the residents of the region to write to the Commision and have a say and is further saying that we won't be given a real say in this matter of amalgamation. So what is the point in writing to the Commision ?

If it is a "Forced amalgamation", as the Mayor is suggesting and Thuringowa City Council is strongly against an amalgamation all comments about the plan of an amalgamation would be useless.


Never mind, personally I beleive that an amalgamation could be done successfully if the new entired structure could change name and not be named "Townsville" or "Thuringowa", in the future. A name competion could be a great idea to launch during the Celebration of QLD 2009.

I have already proposed a new name for the merged cities to be: Queensland City.

Like New York is named twice, New York City and the New York State.

Further more, I'm Sure that the new "City" would be in a dire need of a new Mayor after its amalgamation.

Don't you think ?


Ture Sjolander

 QLD 4810


CC: Mayor of Townsville