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From: Ranee Crosby <RCrosby@townsville-port.com.au>
To: 'Ture Sjolander'

Subject: RE: Refering to earlier mail regarding;Attachment
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 13:36:41 +1000

Mr Sjolander,

Your request was considered by the Senior Management Group at their meeting
held this morning.

I regret to advise that the Senior Management Group has refused your

The Authority thanks you for your interest, but unfortunately is not willing
to proceed with the proposal.

Kind regards,
Ranee Crosby.

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From: Ture Sjolander
Sent: Tuesday, 3 May 2005 7:31 PM
To: RCrosby@townsville-port.com.au
Subject: Fw: Refering to earlier mail regarding;Attachment
Importance: High

Looks like I can not send you the attachment so please look at the main
picture at:

It is only a sample of a big print mention in my letter as below ! Not how
the design of the actual space will be designed!

Ranee Crosby,

Thanks very much for asking, it was in my mind too after my last message to

First of all, there will be no cost at all for the Port Authority, nor for
the City Council or any other authorities.

I intend to entirely finance the project myself with some backing support
from particulary a small number of Island Tourist Enterprise.
The life expectancy - as far I can see it now - would be 12 months at the
time and after that a renewal of the contents/"picture".

My view on, running a public competition for the visual and information of
the content on the space I believe would be futile as it suggest a finance
from an authority.

I intend to produce a large poster print on vinyl similar to what e.g. Real
Estate business are doing and my experince of doing such large scale prints
are good. My contact for producing the prints are located in Beenleigh,
Brisbane. I enclose a Print of the size 270 x 520 cm I did a year ago as a
museum object.

The construction are made of a light aluminium frame attached to the exiting

I would of course get some revenue in form of personal presentation within
the large space approx. 3.5 x 12 meter. The visual and the text information
shall be easely seen even from the Townsville Entertainment Center opposite
the water channel. The absolute best view will be from the passengers on the
Ferry to and from Magnetic Island.

The contents has to be worked out at a later stage and I am happy to give
the Port Autority's Management Board, full transparancy and control.

The priority for me right now is to save the space for the project, a space
never ever used before.

I hope this comments will help to clarify your questions and that the Board
will approve the basic proposal and from there we can go further with the

Naturally and reversed I should be glad if the Port Autority cold uplet the
space witout any charge as my intention is to rather beautify that Port area
and contribute to our City promotion.


Ture Sjolander

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Subject: RE: Refering to conversation with Dale
Parker Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 15:13:17 +1000

Ture, Thanks for the note. A couple of other questions spring to mind which
I would appreciate your comment or advice if known:- - has there been any
consideration regarding the costs of carrying out the works and who will
meet these costs (i.e. Townsville City Council, Townsville Port Authority
etc); - what would be the life expectancy of a sign of this nature (i.e.
repainting after 5 years?); - what would your view be on running a public
competition for appropriate design and/or wording?

Kind regards,