July 29, 2010 6:21pm EDT
Reuters News
(Wikileaks to Pentagon)
Jul 29, 2010 11:36pm EDT

Just wait and see!

This is only the beginning of Leaks. Soon will all the secrets on Twitter, Face Book and so on, be out there for everybody.

Talk about Leaks.

The Oil Leak in the Mexican Gulf will be a bleak story at the end of the day.
The utmost ugly Enemy to be found is within our self as humans. I’m sure Mr and Mrs Homicide world wide start to understand that.
The wars is not on the ground anymore and has not been for long long time.

Julian Assange will need the worlds support keeping him in balance and to be procted from malice.
A fascinating Gandhi personality with the voice of Harrison Ford. A World citizen and Australian Icon already
A modern human being in a modern time.
Last time Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize and in December Mr Assange will get it.
The United Nations leader position may be vacant for him?

Who knows…

You wanna bet?

It may be time for Russia to take over the invasion again, or why not China.
What are “friends” for?

Ture Sjolander

       ELECTIONS 2010