Aug 21, 2010 6:44pm EDT
Aug 21, 2010 8:05pm EDT
Not even a Nobel Prize could now compensate the international defamation and the destruction of Assange’s name and person after such world wide publicity caused and orchestrated by the Swedish Government’s national authorities.

The legislation in Sweden do not pay any compensation for defamation only a small amount of money for the days a falsely arrested person are in police custody.

“Royal Fascistic Democracy” should be the name of states like Sweden, in regard to this case.
The magnitude of the international publicity of this story will never ever go away for Mr Assange no matter how much the the news media will publish from now on. And that will not be much because that is how media works, always.

The federal election in Sweden is 19 September and both political main parties have never shown any interest to change the legislation for compensation falsely arrested people.
The Swedish Royal family is above the Law.
Sweden is not a democracy!

Ture Sjölander