Jul 30, 2010 9:30pm EDT

I was 18 of age doing my military service and conscripted. Suez. Signal troops. I got a pistol, I got a machine-gun, and the device to direct cannon fire to murder other kids of my age or any one with other clothes and size on the other side of the river.

Who gave the orders? Some older stupid eggheads!

Using kids in warfare is an extreme criminal act and a child abuse of magnitude.
Producing children and than deliver them to be murders or to be murdered.
It is also a gender crime picking out young males.

CIA and FBI should focus on that single Crime! Arresting the lawmakers would be the first action.

Yesterday on TV-news a little man in a funny dress, they call it uniform, with some metal stuff on the shoulders, and in company of the Defense Minister, started to sound like he him self constituted all of America.

The portrait of Manning in the media show
a small boy face who in his childhood played with his laptop since the age of 4.

Where is the General who got fired recently?

"All bad people should be deleted on the planet" - "All good people should go to hell"
Wherever you go there you are

Just stop exporting children under 25 to the wars. Send the old woman and men to the front.

Ture Sjolander
       ELECTIONS 2010