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Comment: I have been banned by the Townsville Bulletin as he is holding a discriminatory view against my ancestor and the son
NANO. So, I will not contribute any more bold proposals for the re-designing of the Flinders Mall.
Nevertheless, I fully believe this PROPOSAL is the only future for a prosperious Townsville.
Ciao, Ture

From: Cr Nano Closet-Bigot 1
Comment: All good things come in threes. In `Time to act', the editor of the Bulletin is talking about the the future of Flinders Mall. In `Malling for mayor' another journalist is saying, "Wanted urgently: one city leader with the political ourage to redevelop" the very same mall. And than we have The Magpie's demanding word bombardments addressed to the very same person, His Radiance. What is all this about? Does the Mayor of Townsville ever put pressure and demands on the editors of the
to act a certain way in certain situations. The business leaders in Townsville actually don't really know what kind of work should be done to the mall, so what are they yelling about? My proposal is to change the inner city, including the Flinders Mall, with realistic suggestion of a huge car park on top of the Ross creek. It's a bold and viable idea for the best future of the broken city heart. One only needs to be a humble constituent. And that's me. Give me your front page and I'll show you a complete and comprehensible visual scenario as to how the mall and the new car park on the Ross Creek would be successfully developed. On my website you only get a verbal first draft, although it is very comprehensive for people not lacking imagination. The sad thing is that most people have no imagination at all because they want to make political crap of most thing. Check out my WEBSITE. The players in this city are very few and are acting like dogs around a bone. And this little feedback column does not make sense in a matter like this, sorry to say.

From: Cr Nano Closet-Bigot 2
Comment: Re: `Malling for mayor'. Here we go again, waiting for Dad to get the criteria for local architects to make some bucks putting `calm traffic' on the Flinders Mall. The mall is not initially a architect matter, we know that now. It's a town planning issue. So who is `incredibly successful(ly)' presenting a concept at large for the inner city's future, not just making some cute drafts in colour, in the manner of lazy architects. This is not a matter initially for builders either. Nothing is going to happen if you don't make it happen. So here is my contribution and I believe it's as good as anyone else's:
MY HOMESTEAD. Another thing, why does no one listen? Because only the inner clique of Townsville's `establishment' have the right to stick out their necks. That old problem in town has to be resolved first.

From: Cr Closet Bigot Survey 3
Comment: Re: `The great mall fence-sit' by TONY RAGGATT. Care parking right in the city - how about a huge one-level roofed foundation, platform, safely far above the Ross Creek waterway, next to the old Victoria Bridge, between South Townsville and the Flinders City Mall? It could take at least 500 cars. Common sense is telling us that this will be done if the City Mall is going to be an airconditioned, turning it into a built-in oasis from Denham St to Stanley St. The council can suck on this vision for some time and later give me a small rememberance metal plate with my name under the zipper of the Robert Towns statue near the Victoria Bridge. It will be done. You wanna bet? Read more at

From: Cr Closet Bigot Survey
Comment: What men want: survey. Forget good looks and sense of humour, what men really want is a rich, fresh, flesh, who is financially savvy, the survey says. Check out

From: Ture Sjolander
Comment: I dreamed that I slept while reading your stuff, BEN VERNON.

From: Ture Sjolander
Comment: `My' last text in this feedback was edited so much by you, that I could hardly recognise it. Never mind, my website was there so one can hope the reader will put the pieces together while visiting my
WEBSITE. You know I have heard so many backpackers from overseas asking locals how to get out to Palm Island. The locals answers is different but mainly like this: ``You need a permit from the Government"; "You need an invitation from the Palm Island residents". What the hell is this all about? Is this some kind of Australian `Alcatraz'. This is a big shame for everybody. Do the politicians suffer from some kind of mental tsunami? Well, then we all have to help them. The politicans need support from Oxfam and Red Cross to solve their political trauma. This whole issue can be solved within no time if there is a sincere will on both sides. In my view it is ancient crap attitudes on both sides of the water. Let's be human beings and be nice and put an end to this childish conflict, once and for all.

From: Ture Sjolander
Comment: I want to read Peter Lindsay's own words about the Palm Island issue and not reporters' wording and the editorial. Instead of closing Palm Island, one could open it up for all the overseas visitors. Watching that beauty from Horseshoe Bay beach, I wondered wonder how one can get out there. In 1990 I was invited to the Palm Island by the councilor Sivlia Rubens, twice, and suggested that the council to make a museum showing all the documents of the island people's historic background. Tourists accommodation is bady needed. The council could show great interest in such a project, yet, nothing has happened. I would like a new invitation because its a great place to see. I also wrote to the Royal Commision and critised the dreadful living standard at that time.
You can still read that letter to the Royal Commision HERE. The letter was banned by the Townsville Bulletin at that point in time but is since then avaliable on the Internet.
Well, in due time something may develop between the island and the mainland.

From: Ture Sjolander
Comment: Make the whole (the whole of it) mall into a giant shopping centre. Clad it in completely, the whole lot, and make it air-conditioned. I shall show a sample later how great it would be. It would be like an architectural super-museum, preserving all the old buildings indoors. Another thing, re: `Chill out Townsville'. You know Glen Miller did try to kill Hitler with his music but did he ever succeed? A series of journalistic articles may focus on this region's broiler-sport mentality and stupid macho promotion. The local media may have a chance to fight against that aggressive mentality. Townsville is in a dire need of culture, and then one can ask, `What is that? A drunk is a drunk is a drunk no matter if she is redneck or anything else'. Imagine (he said) that this is the new monumental Catholic Church in Townsville instead of a Twin Tower for the Lavarack boys and girls.
Check THIS out.
Well, it's Sunday every day and night and it ain't no new year, just another one. One has to get used to that.